GIS Co., Ltd.
Telematics Department
Garmin authorized distributor in Thailand

GIS Co., Ltd. is an authorized distributor of Garmin Corporation Co., Ltd., in Thailand more than 20 years. We have salesperson who is specialist with garmin product and ready to give advice to all products that the company sells, whether it is a GPS device for sports and health care. Smart Trainer for Indoor Cycling, car navigation, Car cameras and GPS handheld

GIS Co., Ltd. usually have training session to develop product knowledge to all dealer more than 400 dealers across the country. Customers will receive the best advice and service from the company and our dealers

In terms of after-sales service, GIS Co., Ltd. usually have training session for the best product experience of customers. “Garmin by GIS” has been recognized and trusted by customers across the country for more than 20 years.

Customers can purchase Garmin products that warranty by Garmin Corporation Co., Ltd., at Garmin Brand Shop, Garmin Showroom or can order through online channels and check the information of dealers at


202, CDG House GIS Co., Ltd. (Head Office) Floor 10 Nanglinchee Rd., Chongnonsi, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120

Mon-Fri: 09.00–18.00 (except holiday)

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